Tsomoriri lake ladakh

Ladakh –  the Rooftop of the World.

Ladakh has always been “Crossroads of High Asia” and has server as a conveyor channel of diverse cultural ideologies between the major cultural areas lying beyond its barrier.


The Capital City of Ladakh

Leh was an important trade centre of Central Asia from time immemorial and was a meeting place of the people of different nationalities. The region witnessed the ups and downs of “Great Game” in the 19th Century. 


Unique Culture!

During its long history, Ladakh was exposed to the cultures of its neighboring regions and its centuries of composite culture has found expression in its monuments, monasteries, folklore, oral literature… 


Explore, Travel and Experience

Despite its rugged terrain and remoteness explorers, preachers, spies, soldiers and tourists have traversed the region for centuries. Many of them have written books based on their observations and experiences .. 


Ancient Heritage and Culture!

The monasteries of Ladakh are treasure-house of rare statues exquisite wall paintings, ancient thankas (Painting on cloth) , precious antique pieces and artifacts.